Made for More - April 7, 2019

Made for More

Week 1: Matthew 9:35-38

Jesus calls us to live on mission with him. When we accept him as our Savior and make him our Lord, we are also signing up to take part in his mission. Having a well-defined mission provides greater clarity, greater joy, and less fear in our lives. A clear mission also helps us set priorities and define success appropriately. The mission Jesus has for us today is a continuation of his own mission revealed during his life on earth. In this new series we will follow Jesus as he lived out his purpose throughout his life, death, and resurrection. And in the process, we will be invited to follow him into our world as he carries on that mission today.

Discussion Starter:

Think of a movie or book in which the main character(s) are on a clear mission. How does this get reflected in their actions?

Getting into the Text:

1.  (Matthew 9:35) What do the actions of Jesus reveal about his mission? Compare Matthew 9:35 with Matthew 10:1, 7-8a. How does Jesus’ mission compare to the mission he gives his disciples? What implications does this have for us today? (See also John 14:10-12 and 2 Corinthians 5:18-20)

2.  (Matthew 9:36) Jesus is moved by compassion when he sees the crowds. Should this be our primary motivation? What do we do if compassion is not our natural response? Where today do you see and feel the needs of people around you?

3.  (Matthew 9:37-38) Do you see the harvest around you as plentiful or sparse? Is the prayer request in Matthew 9:38 still relevant for today? Is this a priority in your prayer time?

4.  (Matthew 10:5-10, 19-20, 24-25) What are some common reasons for neglecting our mission? How might the instructions given to Jesus’ first disciples in their specific context provide help and reassurance for us today in our modern context?

5.  Was Jesus successful in accomplishing his mission? (See John 17:4) Was every need met and did everyone respond positively to his message? What does this say to us about the right way to think about success in this endeavor?


What next step is God calling you to take in pursuing his mission? Perhaps it is praying for eyes and a heart that more closely align with God’s. Or perhaps God wants you to take more initiative to speak up or care for others in your family, workplace, neighborhood, etc. How might other believers around you help you as you take that next step?