Our commitment to the gospel drives growth at Crossroads. Worship is crowded; parking is tight. We had to limit our AWANA children’s ministry because we don’t have room. Our middle and high school students meet in kids’ classrooms. Meanwhile, our staff has begun their fifth year off-campus and our building misses the energy this gifted staff brings.

While some of these problems are good challenges to be facing, this growth has led us to begin construction on a new ministry center, funded by a growth campaign we are calling POURED OUT. The ministry center will be a tool to further our mission by providing space for pastors to serve our people, adults to grow in faith, and students to learn to lead the next generation.



Q. What are we building?

A. We are building a 7,800 square foot one-story brick building that will provide space for students, adult education, and our pastoral/ministry staff. The student space will provide teaching, recreation, and eating space for up to 200 students for larger events. This room will also provide space for adult ministry opportunities. Office space will serve 15 pastors and ministry leaders. There are two conference rooms for smaller meetings. We are also building a classroom for 35 adults to be equipped. This building includes an additional 30 parking spots.

Q. What is the timeline?

A. Construction began in late September, 2018. The foundation is in. Framing begins in almost complete. The building should be enclosed before Christmas. We expect to be in the building by late summer, 2019.

Q. What does all this cost?

A. We began by remodeling our atrium. That project was completed for $90,000; on time and under budget. The new building, parking, and equipment will cost $1,400,000, making the total project $1.5 million.

Q. How are we paying for this?

A. Our people have been very generous so far. We have raised $870,000 toward the $1,400,000 total cost. Another $200,000 is promised. We have secured bank funding for the remainder. However, with the help of generous Crossroads members, we could possibly pay cash for the entire project. And while that wasn’t our original plan, paying cash gets us much closer to building dedicated worship space within the next few years.

Q. How can I help?

A. Pray for the safety of the workers. Pray for our church to stay focused on our mission to make, baptize, and teach followers of Jesus Christ. Get more deeply involved in the life of your church. Worship, connect, serve, and give. Your gift will help make our ministry center a reality. Here’s how:

·       If you’ve already committed – thank you! Simply keep the commitment you made.

·       If you’ve fallen a little behind, commit to catch-up over the next few months.

·       If you are new, now is the time to join us at the ground level. Commit to join us.

·       If you are able, extend or add to your original commitment.

If 2018 has been a strong year for you, consider making an extra gift to make this dream a reality. Generations of believers will benefit from your generosity. God will be honored. Many families will experience the power of Jesus Christ to transform.

You can give in our weekly offering or online. Call us at 630-668-5900 to give stock or property.

We are writing a new chapter in the history of our church. Join us in doing so! “You will be enriched in every way to be generous in every way, which through us will produce thanksgiving to God” (2 Corinthians 9:11).