Q:  What are the objectives and timeline for the Poured Out campaign?
A:   With funds received through the Poured Out campaign, we will begin with a renovation of the atrium this spring. After receiving $500,000 toward our $1.5 million goal, work will commence on building a ministry center, office space onsite at the church, and additional parking to accommodate our growing church. Our goal is for our church to make a 100% commitment to generous giving.

Q: I still have a lot of questions. How can I learn more about the Poured Out campaign?
A: There are several ways to get more information:

1. Join us on the weekends.  Pastor Scott will be sharing more with the congregation about Poured Out during our services.

2.  Attend a small group.  During the month of March, our small groups will meet together and dive deeper into a study that will challenge our thinking about a commitment to extraordinary generosity.

3.  Read the Poured Out guide book. Print copies will be made available the weekend of February 25 & 26.  

4.  Contact us.  E-mail your questions, and a Poured Out team member will respond. 

Q:  Why should I make a commitment to the Poured Out campaign?
A: Anytime we challenge ourselves to trust God in the area of giving, we have a significant opportunity to grow in our faith. A formal commitment not only helps with planning personal finances in a way that accommodates generous giving. It also helps church leadership develop a timeline for the building project.  

Q: How can I give to Poured Out?
A:  You can give in one of three ways:

1.     Give online at this link: GIVE

2.     Give in person during the offering time. (Be sure to designate in the memo “Poured Out”)

3.     Donate an asset. For more information on how to do this e-mail the Poured Out team.

Q: If I make an online commitment, do I also need to turn in the commitment card?
A:  Even if you have already made your commitment via the online form, we plan to corporately turn in our commitment cards on the weekend of 3/18-19. 

Q:  When is “Commitment Weekend”?  What can I expect to take place when I attend?
A:   Commitment Weekend is March 18th & 19th.  On those dates, we will turn in our commitment cards as a congregation, and will receive a kick-off offering to officially launch the campaign.

Q: Is my commitment information kept confidential?
A:  Whether you fill out a commitment card or complete the form online, the information you submit will be kept confidential and secure when it is received by the Poured Out finance team.

Q: Besides prayer and giving, what other ways I can help support the Poured Out campaign?
A:  Some of the work on this project will be provided by volunteers. If you are willing to lend a hand, we need you! 

Q: If more than $1.5 million is raised, how will the additional funds be utilized?
A: Giving that exceeds the goal of $1.5 million will be allocated to further reduce debt, which will help Crossroads be in a better position to move on to the next phase of building a dedicated worship center.

Q: Can I expect to receive updates about the Poured Out campaign?
A: Yes. We plan to provide regular updates in our weekend services, and may send occasional e-mails as well.  In the stewardship section of the weekly bulletin, we will also provide updates on the amount of commitments and contributions received to date.