Explore God Chicago 2019

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What is Explore God Chicago?

We all have questions about God, faith, and purpose; Explore God is community outreach initiative and a unique effort to come together to look at 7 Big Questions about God in an open, authentic way.

Our vision for Crossroads Community Church is to see our church energetically participate in the 2019 Explore God Chicago initiative, beginning in January 2019, during which 1,000 churches will rally together to preach a 7-week sermon series on the 7 Big Questions about God and launch discussion groups to reach our communities with the gospel.

Here are four key ways to participate at Crossroads:

1. Facilitate an Explore God discussion group
2. Host an Explore God discussion group
3. Invite people to an Explore God discussion group
4. Pray for the initiative at Crossroads and throughout Chicagoland


10/23 or 10/29, 7-8:30pm (Choose one) - Experience a Taste of Explore God’s 7 Big Questions curriculum. Participate in a sample 7 Big Questions Explore God discussion group led by Greg Shaw, Rick Johnson and Janet Mayer.

11/10, 9-11am, Crossroads - Facilitator/Host Training led by Mary Schaller and Greg Shaw. Learn these important concepts:

  • How an Explore God discussion group differs from your typical Crossroads small group

  • How to prepare for facilitating a group for the seven weeks on the 7 Big Questions

  • The importance of facilitating with 1-2 other Christians

  • How to invite people from outside the church to participate in an Explore God discussion group

  • What to do after the seven-week series on the 7 Big Questions

  • What resources are available to help prepare you, and how to access them

  • The importance of facilitating/guiding the discussion, rather than giving answers and teaching

  • Friendship evangelism basics: How to tell your story and the gospel story well


Contact Greg Shaw at gregshawhr@gmail.com or 812-530-9692
or Mary Schaller at Mary@ExploreGodChicago.com or 650-380-2396