Back to Bethlehem at Crossroads - December 12 & 13


Back To Bethlehem is an interactive production recounting the historical truth of Jesus' birth. Using original music and script, and turning our building into a downtown Bethlehem marketplace, we deliver the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a creative way.



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Saturday Dec. 12

Sunday Dec. 13



Q: Do I have to create an account?

A: Yes, simply click the blue "Sign Up" at the bottom right of the registration page and follow the prompts. 

Q: What if I have problems creating an account? 

A: Call (630)668-5900 and our office staff will be happy to assist you.  

Q: Can I register tickets for my friends, neighbors, and extended family?

A: Unfortunately no, you will only be able to register tickets for those in your household. Each additional household will have to register as well.

Q: Will there be live animals at this production?

A: Yes, we will have camels, donkeys, chickens, goats, sheep and lambs. We will have trained professionals to care for these animals at every show. It is important that you wash your hands after your interaction with the animals.

Q: How long is each show?

A: Each production is about 1hr 40min in length.

Q: Is there anything in this production that my child or family member could be allergic to?

A: Yes, because this is a Bethlehem scene with a stable there will be things that could potentially be allergens.
Here are a list of things that may be a potential allergen:

  • Baked bread
  • Candle wax
  • Scented oils for rice making
  • Animals
  • Hay Bales
  • Other baked goods with sugar. (ie. cookies)

Q: Is this production handicap accessible?

A: Yes! Everything is ground level. Those in wheel chairs will be able to participate in all activities, however expect the areas to be very crowded. We also have a handicap accessible restroom.  

If you have any additional questions or concerns please email or call our office at
(630) 668-5900.